Buy Levitra – Where Can I Get the Cheapest Levitra Stocks Online?

Levitra is one of the most popular erectile dysfunction treatments available in the market and is classified with the likes of Viagra and Cialis. The drug Levitra contains the active ingredient we call Vardenafil HCl, a sister drug of the components Sildenafil Citrate for Viagra and Tadalafil for Cialis.

The brand name Levitra is coined by the manufacturers Bayer and GSK, the two companies who manufactured the product. Vardenafil HCl works similarly to Viagra and Cialis, although its effect is nearly identical to Sildenafil Citrate’s action.

Levitra Tablets
Levitra Tablets

Levitra has the same erectile function improving action as Sildenafil Citrate found in Viagra. However, this drug is improved by the manufacturers—Levitra was engineered to yield fewer visual side effects. According to online information for Levitra, this drug is more selective, hence leaving patients with fewer side effects. Also according to the product information for Levitra, the drug is expected to last the patients longer than Viagra’s 4 hours. Levitra exists in 10 and 20 mg tablets and is prescribed by doctors in 5 mg to 20 mg depending on the patients’ need for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Although effective, like the other brand impotence treatments, the price of Levitra from Bayer and GSK is still at an all-time high. Even if the buyers desire to purchase the drug, Levitra’s price is still quite high, especially at local drugstores. Consumers are looking for cheaper alternatives for Levitra and for places where consumers can purchase affordable Levitra.

Buy Levitra 20 mg – Where can I Purchase Levitra?

Where can consumers purchase Levitra? There are actually several choices for Levitra purchases for buyers. Here are some of the places where buyers can source Levitra or Vardenafil HCl tablets:

  • Local Pharmacies – Given the brand name status of Levitra from Bayer and GSK, the drug has earned its way to every local drugstore in the market. The drug Levitra is widely distributed to each local drugstore and is available for consumers only with the provision of a valid prescription
  • Local Pharmacy Websites – Some local pharmacies have their stocks sold online too, so if your local pharmacy has an online extension, you can also purchase Levitra from them remotely.
  • International Online Pharmacies – Buyers who are burdened with the price of Levitra at local drugstores can opt to source their Levitra products online. Some online drugstores have the actual Levitra from Bayer in stock, whilst other web drugstores have generic alternatives to the drug. Most online drugstores also cater to consumers regardless of where they are in the world and even allow consumers to purchase medicines even without prescriptions. Some online pharmacies offer online medical evaluations or video evaluations to replace prescription requirements for patients needing Vardenafil HCl supplies but are without the written scripts.

For some consumers, the first choice is always the local drugstores. However, not all buyers are able to afford the sky-high prices of Levitra at local pharmacies, hence buyers looking for more affordable alternatives to local pharmacy purchases.

Buy Levitra at Walmart – How much is Levitra at Walmart now?

To emphasize how expensive Levitra is at local pharmacies, it is good to take a look at its prices at the popular local drugstores. One of the popular United States local pharmacies include Walmart, and here are Walmart prices for the brand drug Levitra at this drugstore chain:

Levitra Bayer Walmart Price
Levitra Bayer Walmart Price

According to the Walmart price information at one reliable internet platform, brand Levitra from Walmart costs $105.01 for 2 tablets of the 20 mg product. The regular price for Levitra at Walmart, though, is $117.51 for two tablets. The price for Levitra at this web platform may also change and the actual local drugstore price for Levitra may be lower.

Levitra Bayer Coupon Code
Levitra Bayer Coupon Code

To avail of lower prices for Levitra at local pharmacies such as Walmart, consumers should print the discount card from the web platform offering discounts and present the coupon at the local pharmacy specified at the discount card. The discount card, though, is only for a one-time use, so consumers should print more coupons for their repeated purchases at Walmart.

Levitra Local Drugstore Prices (United States)
Levitra Local Drugstore Prices (United States)

Other local drugstore prices for Levitra are as unforgiving as the prices from Walmart. According to the price list for Levitra at one good platform, the lowest offer for 10 tablets of Levitra 20 mg is $509.49 (Costco), which makes each tablet $50.94—still an expensive price for a single tablet of an erectile dysfunction drug.

Levitra Information
Levitra Information

As expected, the drug Levitra has expensive prices, especially at local pharmacies. According to one online platform with drug information for Levitra, the product averages $118.94 for two tablets of the 20 mg product.

Since the price for Levitra at local drugstores is quite high, buyers have other options when it comes to saving cost for Levitra purchases. Here are some of the things buyers can consider:

  • Coupons – Buyers can consider looking for coupons or discounts for Levitra online—coupons and discounts are available for consumers, but for specific drugstores only
  • On Pharmacy discounts – Some local drugstores are offering discounts for consumers purchasing on-the-spot; however, these are seasonal and without guarantee
  • Store memberships – Other local drugstores are offering special memberships to buyers and with the membership comes a special discount for selected items available at the pharmacy

Buy Generic Levitra Online – How much is Levitra at online drugstores?

Online pharmacy prices are more forgiving and more “within reach” compared to local drugstore prices for the product. Here are the online pharmacy prices for the drug Levitra at several online drugstores:

Levitra Price Online
Levitra Price Online

According to this price list for generic Levitra, one tablet of the drug costs $1.69 to $4.03 depending on the quantity of the drug purchased at the specific online pharmacy.

Levitra Online Pharmacy Price
Levitra Online Pharmacy Price

Another online store offers $69 for 30 pills of generic Levitra—still a low price for Vardenafil HCl. Although this is the price for the generic Levitra, the effect of the brand and generic product is the same in patients.

Apart from the increasing discounts for the individual tablet prices as the quantity of the purchase increases, some online pharmacies even offer the following discounts for their buyers:

  • Quantity-based discounts – This discount is given to consumers with larger purchases
  • Conditional discounts – Some online pharmacies award discounts for consumers who are able to reach a certain amount (for instance, 10% off for buyers with $150+ purchases)
  • Free shipping – Web pharmacies are offering conditional shipping discounts for their buyers—others render free regular shipping for buyers, while others give subsidized shipping rates for consumers wanting to have their orders shipped via the faster option (EMS)
  • Free pills for a quota – There are several web pharmacies offering free pills for a certain order amount.
Free Levitra Pills Online
Free Levitra Pills Online

Other online pharmacies are far more generous when it comes to freebie pills. Some web drugstores are offering zero costs for freebie pills—they don’t even require their buyers to purchase a minimum order from the store. However, instead of a minimum purchase, the drugstores are asking buyers to pay a certain shipping fee for their orders. This is OK, though, since shipping is not really free.

How to Buy Levitra Online

Of course, there are risks involved in purchasing medicines online—there is always a risk of running into scammers and a few more other negative things like the following:

  • Fake pills – Consumers can run into online drugstores selling “fake” placebo pills instead of offering real generic drugs with the same effect as the brand name products
  • Non-fulfillment of orders – Other online drugstores do not fulfill orders at all—they only get payments from buyers and then are never heard of again
  • Scammers – Some operators, on the other hand, are only after the bank or credit card details so they can use the accompanying details for their own interests

Although these are real threats to the buyers’ safety, consumers should not give up when it comes to online purchases of their impotence treatments. Some online drugstores are benign, sell authentic products, and can be relied upon when it comes to fulfilling buyer orders.

To make sure you’re transacting with legit online drugstores, make sure to check online buyer reviews for specific online drugstores, and check their length of operation. The longer the store has operated and the more available good reviews, you can expect excellent service from the shop. You can find online pharmacies with excellent service from our list of web drugstores—our Top Online Pharmacy list for the present year. These stores are guaranteed to fulfill your orders and ship you genuine products like Levitra or its generic counterparts.


If you want to buy Levitra at the best prices possible, you can consider getting coupons for the product that you can use at specific local drugstores. However, if you want to save more in cost, rather than purchasing brand Levitra from Bayer, you can consider getting Levitra alternatives at online pharmacies—they cost considerably less but yield the same result as the brand medication. Our Top Online Pharmacy list will help you find a credible provider of Levitra.

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